Course Description

Those entering the electronic assembly industry must be certified as IPC trainers in different IPC specifications. Certified IPC Trainer Programs are intended for that purpose. The IPC-A-610 Certified IPC Trainer (CIT) Training and Certification Course is a comprehensive four (4) day high intensity paragraph-by-paraphrase review of the IPC-A-610 Standard and a review of basic instructor skills.


At the end of the Course, students will be required to take open and closed book written examinations. Students who complete this course are authorized to conduct the Certified IPC Specialist (CIS) course for two years and can receive an IPC-A-610 Certified IPC Trainer (CIT) Certification. Students who have previously attained their Certified IPC Trainer (CIT) certification within the last two years may take a relevant Recertification course/training.

Who this course is for

  • Ectrotec’s Certified IPC Trainer (CIT) programs are for you if you’re an experienced and skilled electronics technician, engineer or supervisor who wants to teach and train colleagues about IPC quality standards. In addition, they award successful candidates with a recognizance that confirms their knowledge and comprehension of IPC quality systems.
  • A quality assurance engineer or manufacturing supervisor who is responsible for quality assurance assemblies can take this CIT training course.


Module 1 – IPC-A-610G Foreword, Applicable Documents, and Handling

All other sections of the document, listed documents, and electronic assemblies apply content contained in this module, as well as processing electronic assemblies.

  • General Overview
  • Personnel Proficiency
  • Classification
  • Definition of Requirements
  • Terms and Definitions
  • Inspection Methodology
  • Basic material handling, electro-static discharge (ESD) basics and facility guidelines

Module 2 – IPC-A-610G Soldering and High Voltage

The visual inspection criteria for Soldered connections and high voltage soldered connections are presented in this additional knowledge module. Students who also complete modules 4, 5 or 6 must acquire this module.

  • Soldering Acceptability Requirements
  • Soldering Anomalies
  • High voltage soldering criteria

Module 3 – IPC-A-610G Component Damage & PCBs, Cleanliness

Students who will also complete modules 4, 5, and 6 must complete this additional knowledge module if they want to be certain that their assemblies are clean and properly packaged. This module is required for those who will do so. And also must also complete the visual inspection criteria for component damage, PCB damage, and cleanliness of assemblies in this additional knowledge module.

  • Damage to individual components
  • Non-Soldered Contact Areas
  • Laminate Conditions
  • Conductors/Lands
  • Flexible and Rigid-Flex Printed Circuitry
  • Marking
  • Cleanliness requirements
  • Solder Mask Coating
  • Conformal Coating

Module 4 – IPC-A-610G Terminals

Visual inspection criteria are added to this knowledge module to identify terminal and wire connections.

  • attachment of terminals to circuit boards (swaging)
  • Placement and soldering criteria of wires to terminals

Module 5 – IPC-A-610G Through-hole Technology

The visual inspection criteria for through-hole connections are contained in this additional knowledge module.

  • Handling, placement and solder requirements for trough hole components

Module 6 – IPC-A-610G Surface Mount Technology

The visual inspection criteria for Surface Mount connections are contained in this additional knowledge module.

  • Handling, placement and solder requirements for most common surface mount components

Module 7 – IPC-A-610G Hardware

The visual inspection criteria for hardware and hardware connections used on electronic assemblies are contained in this additional knowledge module.

  • Various support materials that are used to install components onto PCBs
  • Installing PCAs into product chassis

Module 8 – IPC-A-610G Solderless Wire Wrap

The visual inspection criteria for solderless wire wrap connections are included in this additional knowledge module.

  • Acceptability of wire to pin connections (Also known as Discrete Wiring)

Instructor Skills

The information presented in this module is designed to help you teach the lesson plan effectively.

  • How to properly convey the lesson plan step by step including presentation and guiding in correct direction.


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