IPC Training & Certification

The electronics industry gains value from IPC training and certification  programmes taught in a classroom setting by IPC-certified instructors. These programmes, built around IPC standards, and certified by industry, are delivered. IPC training and certification programmes are essential for electronics firms. They are taught and validated in a classroom setting by IPC-certified instructors, who are IPC certified.

EctroTec is the foremost training centre for IPC certification in Europe. Our qualified IPC specialists can efficiently assist you in getting your certification through our well-trained and certified trainers to help your employees earn their IPC credentials.

The purposes/objectives of the IPC Professional Training and Certification Programs are to:

  • To ensure that each course of instruction is consistent with the standard(s), each class of education includes a standardised set of industry-developed, recognised, approved and traceable training programs that provide a standardised set of industry-developed, recognised, supported and traceable training programmes.
  • To enhance an individual’s skill set and ability to correctly apply the requirements in the applicable standards, provide an understanding of accepting/rejecting criteria.
  • To improve an individual’s skills and ability to achieve good artistry by teaching IPC standardised methods and processes.
  • Expert-based teaching methods and procedures can be helpful to those engaged in applying the standards. Moreover, Confirming that methods and techniques used, navigated, located, and applied to the appropriate standard(s) apply to the correct class or classes of production.

Accepted Industry-wide, including but not limited to members of IPC and others such as academic, government, technology, electronic manufacturing, and circuit board manufacturing institutions, IPC’s training and certification programs are developed by and through this consensus. These IPC training and certification programs are used worldwide.

IPC is a voluntary training and certification programme. IPC member companies receive discounts on IPC training materials as long as they are IPC members. To maintain training consistency and program integrity, experts use industry consensus, and standardised training materials are used to establish certification criteria and control at all program levels through industry requirements and standardised materials.

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